I thought the monthly monitoring fee would remain the same for the term of the contract; however, I received a notice that Monotronics would be increasing my monitoring fee because in the contract it reads "Company may increase monhly fee up to 5 percent annually during the initial or any renewal term without prior notice". Most of us don't read all that fine print so please beware and know they are not the only ones doing this! I just found In Shape Heath Club's contract reads, "All fees, dues, charges, and EFT draft dates are subject to change at any time."

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I has a small rate increase as well but in my contract it CLEARLY states that the rate can not be increased if the customer has signed an contract of 60 months or more.

The Company may not increase the Total Monthly Fee during the Initial Term if the Initial Term of this agreement is 60 months or more; however, the Company may increase Total Monthly Fee during the Initial Term up to 5% annually without prior notice if Customer agrees to an Initial Term of less than 60 months

Edwardsville, Illinois, United States #1213914

I just had my rate increase as well. It is a small increase, but it goes against everything the technician told me.

I was never given physical documents to read. He had a tablet that he held onto the entire time. He told me what it said, and asked me to sign. He told me that my rate would stay the same for the initial three year period, and it could be raised after that.

If I wanted to do a five year contract, he said that my rates would never change. After noticing the rate increase, I decided to look over the contract the technician emailed to me after I signed it. There it is in the fine print that they could increase my rate by 5% with no prior notice.

That goes against every single thing he told me. I am still under contract, but you can be sure that I will be finding a new alarm company once my contract has ended.


I was very angry over the treatment when I called in the middle of my contract and complained about the 1.00 per month increase and was told...its in the contract, tough stuff." So when my contract came up, I decided to cancel due to the high prices compared with a comparable company. Monitronics called me on my cell phone the evening they received my cancellation notice (which is required to be mailed, by the way, another irritating thing) and (John)in retention management talked and listened to me vent my frustrations and anger.

In the end Monitronics made up the difference and far more to keep me on as a customer. My original anger and irritation with Monitronics has been moderated by the time and the attention and effort they made to keep me on as a customer. I did make the decision to stay with Monitronics, they do make it right.

You just have to get to the right person. :)

to Kent #1472934

Once they breech Trust they Breech Trust...They do this to millions of people and it is a great source of income..Monitronics/Moni and now Brinks has a problem of dishonesty by raising rates...I canceled and so did 11 others and we went to another company and received $6.00 less than Moni's best offer...


Hi my name is David Sodiende with the Corporate Office of Monitronics. I understand your concerns and I would like to speak with you regarding any and all issues you may be having with your account. Please call my office at 855-299-2081 from 8:00am-7:00pm Central Time.

Thank you,

Monitronics Cares

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