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0 comments I bring this information/review to you out of personal experience and chalk it up to paying Stupid Tax every month for 5 years. In hopes of helping you realize how bad of a decision it is to go with Monitronics as your home security monitoring service.

At the end of this list, I have outlined a few alternatives that are cheaper and just as (if not more) affective than Monitronics (I receive NO commission or benefit from any of the links provided at the end, they are partially there as a shopping list for myself too.) 1) $52/month + tax They are known as one of the most expensive if you do some research and you will quickly realize the reviews are right. At $50/month, they are double what other services cost. Obviously, during my contract there was no budging on this fee since they had me pretty well chained with a steep early cancellation clause in the contract. Once that contract was done though, they were quick to offer a $10 discount, when I turned it down on the phone the price was now half of what it was.

I still chose to cancel since there are alternatives with cheaper hardware prices, lower monthly costs, and no contracts. I have come to the conclusion that a contract with a company has eliminated their incentive to treat you well as a customer. I am sure some of them do, but the incentive to be competitive (in price and customer service) has been eliminated until the final moments of your contract. At which point, the majority of people just continue paying without much thought because it has become habit.

2) Requires USPS snail mail letter to cancel Now this is might be the single worst customer service point there could ever be. I called them to cancel my subscription with them after having been a customer for five and a half years. They kept me on the phone for 10 minutes trying to keep my money coming their way. Offered to lower my rate, then offered to lower it even more than the first offer they made.

What this basically told me was that they were gouging me for quite some time. But then finally, when I have convinced them that I really am calling to cancel and not to try to negotiate a lower rate, they drop the bomb… “sorry, we can’t cancel your subscription, you have to write a letter to our main office in order to request cancelation.” … seriously? I know it is a bit cliché, but what decade are we living in here? Monitronics Stupid Tax - DisarmIn a world of digital information sharing, where you can sign up and cancel your Netflix subscription multiple times a day if you want, they require you to put ink to paper, fill out an envelope, go to the post office, pay $3-4 for confirmation delivery (because at this point you can not trust them if they are this technologically backwards) and physically mail a letter to them.

When I heard this, I knew the game being played, it is part of the law of large numbers… a certain percentage of people will either delay or forget to go do all of this and they will milk a few more months of payments from them. Ultimately, it is an unethical business practice, disguised as being done “for your security, so that people do not cancel your service without you knowing”. Considering if they had hacked’s username/login, they could instead just turn my system off. I doubt they would go through the hassle of cancelling my subscription when there is a “disarm” button staring them in the face.

In all fairness though, I will say that after posting complaints on Twitter, the Executive Support Team reached out to me. Although nothing actually changed for me, they did say they are working on “simplifying the process” and “will hopefully allow email to be used in the future”. So perhaps in the future, one day, this will become irrelevant. 3) They bill you once more for 30 days before actually canceling After having to deal with the antiquated USPS in order to notify them that you want to cancel your service, you will find out that they will not cancel your service upon receiving your letter.

So, now you have had to waste your time going to the post office (because lets be honest, few of us still keep stamps around) and then had to wait a few days for them to even get the letter. Plus, they do not notify you that they are cancelling your service upon receiving the letter, which flies in the face of their claim that requiring this is for your own good. Then, if you are like me, you call them a week after they have received it and find out that it takes them a month to process the cancelation and that month is not free. Monitronics Twitter ConversationUPDATE 7/12/16: After having raised the twitter ruckus, they are not going to charge me for the month.

But in all honesty, I do not know if that is just because it is already paid for or if they are being nice because I made a public announcement that will be searchable for the foreseeable future of the internet. UPDATE 7/22/16: Less than two weeks later, I got a letter in the mail from Monitronics.

They have decided to bill me anyway, even after Theresa in the Executive Support Team told me I was all paid up and there would not be another bill. So, do yourself a favor and avoid Monitronics, there are plenty of other security monitoring services out there that would love your business.

Review about: Monitronics Security System.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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