I signed a 3 year contract with Monitronics.I fulfilled my 3 year committment and went on month to month billing.

After some time I moved out of the house where the alarm system was installed, but rented it out to tenants who wanted to have the alarm system activated. So I call Monitronics and schedule a service appointment because the alarm is not working. They send out an independent dealer who arrives at the house and says the alarm is not working because the phone is not operational. Well the tenants had been in the house for at least one month and did have the phone system up and working so none of us understood what this guy was talking about, because we could pick up the phone and hear a dial tone, but according to him, when he tested the line, he said he could not hear a dial tone.

Anyway - we call AT&T to come out and check the line - who miarculously is there within an hour. They check the line and of course there is no issue with it. I call the idiots at Monitronics again and request a service technician be sent out to correct the problem with the alarm system. So as I am making an appt with Monitronics for the service technicial, I am telling them that I do not expect to have to pay a second service charge, because the guy could have and should have fixed it the first time.

I was assured that there would not be an additional cost for the second visit. The first bill was $91 - for nothing! So the guy comes out (the same guy) exactly one week to the day, later. He finds that there is nothing wrong with the line, which is suspicious because AT&T never touched a thing!

Anyway he comes, he fixes the system and wants my tenant to sign a bill for an additional $125. My tenant gets me on the phone and I explain to the technician that I was told I would not receive a second bill because no work was completed the first time. He says that Monitronics is wrong and that he expected to be paid. Well I did not pay him.

I spent days and days, including the day of service on the phone with Monitronics who is now telling me that they cannot find the rep who told me that I would not be charged, but that because I was no longer under contract with them that I would have a bill whenever a service technician visited my house, whether or not they did anything. This was contrary to what I was told prior to rescheduling the technician to come out. After weeks of going back and forth with Monitronics, while I thought it was a still active investigation, they sent me to collections. I absolutely would not recommend them or their services to anyone.

They give out mis-information and when customers make decisions based on the wrong information given to them, the customer has to pay the price.

Now that I am in collections, I am going to give them their $249 so that I will never have to deal with them again.Never, ever again!

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Hi my name is David Sodiende with the Corporate Office of Monitronics.I understand your concerns and want to help resolve your issue.

I assure you that Monitronics is an alarm monitoring company only and does not sell, install or service alarm systems.

I would like to speak with you regarding any and all issues you may be having with your account.Please call my office at 855-299-2081 from 8:00am-7:00pm Central Time.

Thank you,

Monitronics Cares


Thank you for providing Monitronics with your feedback. We are concerned to learn of your recent customer service experience as it is not indicative of the standards we try to achieve. Please contact me at 1-888-758-5900 for immediate review of your account.


The Monitronics rep went door to door at our condo complex in Blacklick OH.We went under contract and the rep Anthony "A.J" Beard was to call in a week to see if we have any questions or problems and also give us a check for $100 for our favorite charity.

Guess what...3 months and still NO call and NO check.VERY bad customer relations.

to Jill Columbus, Ohio, United States #645819

AJ has a bad name in Columbus, OH for sure,




I am in the a similar situation.They've sent me into collections for 25.00.

This is after I received a goodbye letter with a closing balance.I paid that with proof of my confirmation number and they're still sending me through collections.

Do not use this service.

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