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I have only had my system...which wasn't even what I agreed to with the sales rep...for a few weeks. No one I have spoken to will assist or help me resolve my issue. the last person (a sup) that I spoke to advised that someone would be back in contact with me in 24-48 hours. Its been a WEEK!!! So lets go through my list of *** I have had to deal with from them...and believe me I am not going to stop with this review. I am going to Find the information so that I can get this directly to the CEO because this team needs some training! If anyone has contact information for the CEO Please pass it along to me.

1. I originally called due to a constant beep in my home after the power went out. Now at this time I did not have the security system but had been looking at pricing at other company's. The agent could not assist on how to get the system to stop beeping they had me looking for a black box. (when the tech came out we found out that it was off white. Maybe we just need to teach them their colors?)

2. I had to actually ask the sales agent what is included and she advised me that there is fire protection/door window sensors/ motion (even had a whole talk about if a pet would trigger the motion sensor and she advised me we could go with a glass break sensor instead. as a customer I should not have to ask the agent if there is a pet friendly motion sensor. They should offer when you advise them you have a pet. KNOW YOUR SYSTEM if you are going to sale it.

3. I was told that a tech would be out the following monday. (and I had set up the appointment the Thursday before) The only person that has assisted me in this whole time was Pete an agent who helped me get a tech out that monday when no one had called or showed.

4. The tech that came out to my house was not very professional. He spoke about past customers the had installed at and a gun he had in his backseat of his care. (as a woman alone in a house with a stranger installing her system this was beyond concerning). The tech installed the equipment and advised that there was nothing he could do about the window's that needed to be covered because they were not on his work order. no one he could call or anything. He advised that he could take down the extra motion sensor that was left over form the past install that was deactivated back in 2003. I said that i would like for him to take it down as long as the live wire was taken care of. capped or taped so that it would not be a fire risk. All he did was cut the cable and push it into the right now there is a live cable in my wall that could cause a fire. which brings me to the fire protection that the woman sold me on in the beginning which turns out to be run to the console and hit the button for fire. I mean what the heck that is not fire protection. If I am not at home that helps nothing!

5. I called in to place a complaint regarding the false information at the point of sale, the tech, and the fact that I could have a fire at any time due to a live wire hanging inside my wall. The agent that I spoke with was nice at first and I calmly advised of the information. When she advised that the only thing that she could do was charge over $600 for the sensors needed and the fire sensor that was left out of the original order or she could cut it down to $200 and something and sign up for another 18 month contract on top of that. HA! I would have considered the second offer had it not been for the extra contract they were trying to force onto me. When I advised that I would rather take a loan out to cancel the whole service and be done with it and requested the cancellation fee she became snotty/rude and said if I was going to do that I should just purchase the equipment. Not the point ***. I did get upset at this point at disconnected the call.

6. I called back in again. Hoping to get my issue resolved. Spoke with a sup this time and was advised that they would need to research the issue and would call back in 24-48 hours...this was a WEEK ago! What do you have to do to get something done?

I am not going to stop trying to get something done regrading the poor customer service that has happened from the start. and will make sure that everyone will hear my story that I have a chance to speak with from now until my issue is resolved. I work in an environment where people ask me about security systems often. I know who I will not recommend. I work in a customer service field and know that you are suppose to treat your customers better then this. This is unexceptionable.

This reviewer shared experience about "poor cust service and possible damage to my home because of a live wire currently in my wall" and wants this business to have the product delivered. brandileigh741 is overall dissatisfied with Monitronics. The most disappointing about monitronics customer care at Monitronics was cancellation policy, poor attitude and customer care , but reviewer liked key pad. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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