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signed up for their service. after 6 months magnet fell off and was unable to find it.

I called company and they advised it would cost 99 bucks to replace. no way then after 2 years they my bank sent them new account info that they entered wrong and tried charging that account, I called see why they were trying to charge that account and they said that is what they had on file. I advised them that I had not changed account and that I had not authorized them to charge any other account. they kept arguing about it wrong answer.

now they say they can't verify if my monitor is working. I advised them that my phone is disco'd and do not need them anymore. they still insist that I need to complete the rest of contract even though they have had trouble over the last 2 years. they can take their system and shove it.

I will never use them nor will I advise anyone else to use their worthless system. their customer service is also worthless.

Review about: Monitronics Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $1900.

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Santaquin, Utah, United States #643177

this david dude calls you a valued customer but yet they do not take responsability for their mistakes. the way they do it is maake you feel like you screwed up and then add 2 more months on the end of the contract.i don't see how that is taking responsability.

then they make a large offer and say that is good for you when it is actually not even helping.

when i make a counter offer they ignore it. but that is ok this company is not a customer oriented company and does not care about solving cust issues, good riddance to this worthless company

Dallas, Texas, United States #631347

Dear Valued Customer,

My name is David Sodiende with the corporate office of Monitronics and I can certainly understand your frustration and your dissatisfaction. I am sorry to hear that you had an unpleasant experience with us and I will like to speak with you regarding your experience and also assist you with the issue. Please contact me at 855-299-2081 or e-mail your account information to

Thank you,

David Sodiende

to executiveresponseteam@mon Santaquin, Utah, United States #643179

you sure are not interested in solving cust troubles.yer only interested as long as yer company looks good even though they are not a very good company

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